What we are made up of...

The five aggregates (skandhas) are

Form (rupa) is made up of

  • earth
  • water
  • fire
  • wind

Feeling (vedana) is one of

  • pleasant,
  • unpleasant
  • neutral

Feelings arise when there is contact between the six internal organs and the six external objects.

 Internal Organ External Object
 Eye Sight
 Ear Sound
 Nose Odor
 Tongue Taste
 Body Touch
 Mind Mental Object

Perception (samjna) a is related to the six external objects

Volition (samskara) is the response of the will to the six external objects

Consciousness (vijnana) grasps the characteristics of the six external objects

  • Visual consciousness
  • Auditory consciousness
  • Olfactory consciousness
  • Gustatory consciousness
  • Tactile consciousness
  • Mental consciousness

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